21 Construction Fails So Nuts You Won’t Believe They Are Real

In most cases construction crews perform their duties to a very high standard of workmanship.

We all have an expectation that when a construction job is undertaken that it will be done properly and everyone will be happy with the results.

However, there are times when things go so horribly bad you just have to throw your hands up in the air and ask “is this for real”? Below we have included 21 such times…

21. The His & His Toilets

his and hers toilets
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20. Comes With A Great View!

too close balcony
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19. The Kabayashe Muru Toilet

crowded wall toilet


stairs block path
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17. DON’T Take The Path Less Traveled

path to fence

16. Sorry, Doors Are a Luxury Option With This Unit

balcony with no entrance
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15. Built For The ’72 Russian Gymnastics Team As A Practice Facility

stairs no doors
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14. MIT Civil Engineering Graduate Project

Engineer stairs
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13. Watch That Last Step… She’s a Doozy

stairs on side of building
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12. Romanian Bylaws State You Must Have Pole Access To Each Building

pole in path
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11. Tree House (Too Easy Baby!)

tree coming out of house
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10. Driveways Cost Extra Bro

garage to nowhere
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9. The “Is That Diet Finally Working” Test Stairs

no space stairs
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8. No Clue. Speechless.

facing urinals
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7. The Little Known Wolverine Tree is Indestructible. Better Go Around.

tree in path
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6. Yeah, Three Strips Of Paint Will Stop Accidents They Said

pole in the road
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5. X Games Wheelchair Ramp

wheelchair access
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4. Has Some European Flair, Non? Le Choo Choo!

traintrack deck
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3. Stairway To Heaven(s Gate)

stairway to nowhere
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2. We Had $50K Left To Spend On The Project. This Is What We Came Up With.

parking path to nowhere

1. S&M Lovers Bench

bench construction fail
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The vast majority of construction projects work out great. Thank you to all the hard working construction crews out there that make our lives easier. We know you didn’t do these!