This Handy Video Will Teach You How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal At Home

Did you know that by doing a few simple things differently, you can massively boost your home Wi-Fi signal?

A lot of people don’t realize that they’re positioning their Wi-Fi incorrectly, and therefore are receiving a much weaker Wi-Fi signal in their homes than they actually could achieve. The average home router Wi-Fi signal is actually quite weak, with most signals only radiating out to about 150 feet from the router. That’s why it’s very important that the router is positioned in the center of your home, preferably with a clear line of sight to your various electronic appliances if this is possible.

Some people keep their routers on the floor. This is a particularly bad idea as router signals tend to emanate downwards, and can get lost in floorboards, carpets and concrete.


It’s best to position your router off the ground. That way your Wi-Fi receiving appliances can pick up its signal better.


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