Scrawny Nerd Sees Some Big Dude Hit A Woman; Steps In… Kicks Some SERIOUS Butt!

It’s a pretty unlikely scenario you’re about to watch unfold. A skinny geeky-looking white boy goes from zero to absolute hero before your very eyes.

He turns into the living embodiment of #ThugLife after seeing some lowlife scumbag punk hassling and hitting some poor girl on a night out. The geeky dude loses it and jumps on the guy, demobilizing him instantly, slapping him around and even making him tap out a couple of times!

It’s not OTT, either. The skinny guy’s obviously not doing it to try and be a gangsta or anything. Plenty of times he tries to reason with the idiot and even agrees to let him go a few times. And when he does? It kicks off again! This dude’s a total hero. Is it too late to get him to run for President, you think…?

Scrawny Nerd Guy 10 Stupid Girl-Punching Douchebag.