BUSTED… Sleeping College Student Rolls Off Table And Hits The Ground BIG TIME!

College. Despite appearances, it can be a pretty tough life. You burn the candles at both ends. Academic work in the daytime, partying in the evenings. The average student can certainly miss a few hours of sleep every night.

And when you’re starved of your snoozing? What are you going to do? Well, you have to sneak in some Z’s wherever you can. Like the crafty kid you’re about to meet does. He’s attending a lecture. Well, technically, anyway.

But instead of being firmly planted in his seat listening to his lecturer and learning, he’s found a better place. Somewhere he can chill out and sleep. A table behind the giant screen…

Sleeping Student

His idea is going entirely to plan. Until he rolls over and falls off the tale, onto the floor below!

Sleeping Student


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