How Many Of These Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs Did You Spot?

The third Captain America movie hit our screens last month and quickly became an unstoppable box office juggernaut. No surprise there.

There was plenty to like in The Avengers III: Captain America Vs. Iron Man (that was the title, right?). From the epic airport parking lot showdown to the surprise reveal of Spider-Man – who has finally joined the franchise after Sony threw in the towel after the last terrible Amazing Spider-Man movie – fans were delighted at Marvel’s return to form after the mess that was Avengers: James Spader Goes Bananas (again, that was the right title?).

The movie also hid a ton of Easter eggs for fans to hunt down if they watched close enough. How many did YOU spot? There are, of course, spoilers ahead.


Fans of the comics will, for example, be familiar with the Tony Stark paralysis story line. For the movie, it wasn’t Stark that was paralyzed, but instead his buddy War Machine.


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