China Is Almost Ready To Open The Scariest Bridge In The World… Would You Walk On It?

Even as the world’s economists continue to worry that China’s growth bubble may be about to burst, incredible infrastructure projects continue to begin and achieve completion in China each and every day.

One of the most interesting is a pedestrain suspension bridge that’s been built over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. What makes the bridge so noteworthy? Well, it has to do with the fact that it has a glass bottom.

When you’re walking across this bridge, you can look down all the way to the bottom of the canyon.


While some thrill-seekers are sure to be excited about this, anyone with a fear of heights or vertigo would be terrified by this monstrosity.


To watch the VIDEO that reveals the exact specifications of this glass-bottom bridge, as well as what makes it uniquely horrifying, just click the NEXT button below. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible footage with your friends and family, too!

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