Chinese Doctors Are Now Planning – Get This… A Human HEAD Transplant!

Harbin, northeast China. A man works away with his team in a laboratory on an important medical breakthrough. But the media attention he receives? Oddly, it’s not all that positive…

Why? Well, despite his good intentions and great work, Dr Ren Xiaoping courts controversy. His work is vital and brilliant, but he’s trying to transplant a HUMAN HEAD. And that ruffles feathers.

People always talk to him as though he’s some sort of Dr. Frankenstein character. Meddling with nature, playing God. But the reality? He’s a genius. And his work is about to pay off!

Head Transplant

He’s managed to transplant a rat’s head. And even a monkey’s!

Head Transplant

But can it work on a human…? Dr. Ren plans to find out!

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