Couple Used Cash They Stole From Work To Buy Winning $1M Lottery Ticket

A couple from Cressona in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania have been convicted along with two others of stealing $175,000 from the store they worked in.

What makes this story so shocking, however, is not the fact that they stole the money, but that they used it to buy a lottery ticket in the same store … and won over a MILLION DOLLARS. Joan Lechleitner and her partner Kerry Titus began stealing money from the Agway Farm Home Garden Store where they worked back in 2011, and carried on taking money until 2016.

During that time they won over a million dollars on the Cash 5 Lottery, and yet they still carried on stealing money!


There’s greed and then there’s the greed displayed by this despicable pair and their two accomplices.


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