Incredible DeLorean Customizations That Would Make ‘Doc Brown’ Jealous

The DeLorean DMC-12 is one of those rare, iconic cars that have a devoted cult-like following worldwide. To the average person this car is best known as the time traveling vehicle from the 80’s hit trilogy “Back To The Future“.

Most DMC-12 owners have tried to keep theirs faithfully restored in their original condition. However, there are some guys who can’t resist the temptation to customize the hell out of this bad boy. When they do it can either be one of the most amazing things you have ever seen or a monstrosity you desperately wish you could unsee. Here we have compiled what we think are some of the best.

The Stretch Limo

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The DeLorean “Stretch Limo” is an amazing creation by Rich Weissensel. Careful to be respectful, Rich makes sure he only uses parts from damaged vehicles when he works – as he doesn’t want to destroy any of the few remaining original DMC-12’s. The Limo is a full 26-feet-long, and boasts six (6) of the famous gull wing doors.

The Convertible

D-Roadster Rich-W
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Rich’s DeLorean “Convertible” – perfect for cruising down the highway on those sunny days of summer.

The Monster Truck

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The 3rd and final entry from Rich Weissensel on our list – the “Monster Truck” – was put together in less than a month believe it or not! Check out this video of Rich showing off all of his amazing creations.

The Candy Apple Red Pimp-Mobile

via BarrysBoys
via BarryBoys

The creator of the “Candy Apple Red Pimp Mobile” has heavily customized both the inside and outside of the car. This may be the only vehicle you will ever see with a wheel mounted calculator!

The Gulf Racer

via PlanetCarsZ
via PlanetCarsZ

This “Gulf Racer” was created using a vinyl wrap, not by actually repainting the car, so the original DMC-12 is perfectly preserved beneath.

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