Dumb But Fun… This Is The ULTIMATE Air Horn Prank!

Joe Thatcher is one of those ‘YouTubers’ you hear about. A young British dude, he seemingly makes a living just out of recording himself messing about. It’s weird, isn’t it? That’s a job nowadays.

Anyway, in his latest video, he decides to take on a pretty dastardly prank. It’s what he’s rather unsubtly calling ‘The Ultimate Air Horn Prank’. And, well, it’s all about blasting people with air horns. Unsurprisingly.

And, of course, they’re not expecting it. But Joe’s not just blaring the horn at people in the street, oh no. He’s much cleverer – and more evil – than that.

Air Horn

There’s the air horn. Primed and ready to go…

Air Horn

And here’s a blindfold. But that’s not it. It’s even more evil than it looks!

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