8 Famous Actor Replacements That Fooled Us All

Stunt doubles, stand-ins and replacements are used all the time in Hollywood and on some of our favorite TV shows.

It’s sometimes not possible for actors to be on set at the time something needs to be filmed. Sometimes, the scene is just too dangerous to risk a big name star; other times a double is used because the actor or actress does not feel comfortable filming the scene themselves. This is especially so in nude scenes, where a body double is used instead of an actress’s real body, as she has a non-nude clause written into her contract.

This was the case recently when Game of Thrones actress Lena Heady’s character was marched naked through the streets. Clever editing and digital trickery made it appear that the actress did the nude scene, when in fact it was a body double.


This technique was also deployed when Fast and Furious star Paul Walker tragically lost his life in a car crash halfway through filming Furious 7. His brothers and digital compositing were used to complete the movie.


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