Where Do Flight Crew Disappear To During Long-Haul Flights? It’s A SECRET!

Have you ever wondered what the crews of long-haul flights get up to when they disappear for extended lengths of time behind those little doors at the back and the front of airplanes?

Well, it turns out those little doors lead up to secret crew sleeping compartments. In this fascinating video, you’ll see the secret compartments hidden away at the fore and aft of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. But why are they there?

It’s quite simple. On a flight over nine hours in length, flight crew change shifts. A Dreamliner carries four separate pilots, and at any given time two are flying the plane, and two are relaxing or sleeping in bunks hidden away in a secret room located above the cockpit.


You’d never know it was there. And it’s only accessible via a code being entered into a numeric keypad known only to flight crew for security reasons.


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