This Girl Invented The Best Thing Ever – The Alarm Clock That Slaps You Awake!

Waking up. It’s never easy, is it? It doesn’t really matter what time it is that you have to rise, if you’ve GOT to get up, it’s no fun. And it’s not really made any easier by alarm clocks, is it?

Sure, the noise wakes you up. But you’ve got the option to hit ‘snooze’. Or turn the thing off. It’s far too easy to fall back asleep. You need a way to ensure you don’t fall asleep again. And we think we’ve found it…

What is it? Well, it’s the alarm clock that slaps you awake! It’s called ‘The Wake-Up Machine’ and it’s your new best friend. Or worst enemy. You know, either way…

Alarm Clock

This thing isn’t friendly, but it’s definitely effectively!

Alarm Clock

What a way to wake up. But at least you do wake up!

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