These People Take The Gummy Or Real Challenge. But Will They Really Eat LIVE WORMS?

Would you take the Gummy or Real challenge? The intrepid people in this laugh-out-loud funny video did, and they soon regretted it!

What is the Gummy or Real challenge, we hear you ask? Well, contestants first spin a wheel. On the wheel is written the names of several ‘foodstuffs’ (we’re using that term VERY loosely here). When the wheel is spun, the contestants have to eat either the gummy or the real version of what it says on the wheel.

And what exactly is written on that wheel? Oh, only such culinary delights as brains, mustache clippings, snake meat and LIVE WORMS! Yes, you read that right – live worms.


The contestants are clearly thrilled about eating live worms. Well, who wouldn’t be? Yummy!


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