EPIC PRANK! When Howie Mandel Returned Home To Los Angeles, He Didn’t Expect This…

When you’re a celebrity, you’re often traveling for most the year, going to various shoots and participating in numerous events. This leaves unsuspecting celebrities and their homes open for some truly epic pranks!

In the following VIDEO, you’re going to see one such prank! When Howie Mandel was recently away on a trip to New York City, one of his friends decided to have a little bit of fun with his house… And all with the assistance of Howie’s wife and son.

When Howie finally arrived back in Los Angeles, we think it’s safe to say he never in a million years expected to come home to this.


So what did these daring pranksters do to Howie Mandel’s home that left him in an absolute state of shock?


To find out, watch the VIDEO that reveals the epic prank by clicking the NEXT button below. Don’t forget to SHARE this hysterical prank with all of your friends and family after you’ve watched, too.

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