This Indian Girl Is Force Fed A LIVE FISH To Treat Her ASTHMA!

Did you know that every year, hundreds of thousands of Indians travel to the city of Hyderabad to be force-fed live fish to cure … ASTHMA?

As bizarre as it sounds, many Indians believe swallowing the fish alive helps clear the throat and stave off the effects of asthma – a common problem in India thanks to its overcrowded, heavily-polluted towns and cities. The fish are administered at the Hyderabad Exhibition Center by the Bathini Goud family, who claim the fish, which are marinated in a secret medicinal paste, cure the often life-threatening breathing disorder.

The fish are coated in a bright yellow paste that the family say was given to a family member by a Hindu Saint back in 1845. Its recipe is a closely-guarded secret.


It is usually smothered over live herring, which are then forced down people’s throats by members of the family during a yearly ceremony.


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