He Invited His Grandma Over And Then Blew Up Her Car… NOW WHAT!?!

Well-known prankster Roman Atwood recently decided to invite his grandmother over to his home for a sit-down interview. His grandmother dutifully agreed, driving over in her prized car.

They sat down for the interview, and everything seemed to be going completely normal. But then Roman took his grandmother outside to the deck, where five men armed with assault rifles stood ready.

He told her that they would be shooting in the general direction of her car, but not at the car itself…


Things didn’t go according to plan, though, and the car was absolutely decimated in a loud and vicious explosion.


Was it all just a prank or did Roman actually blow up his beloved grandmother’s car? To find out, just click the NEXT button below to watch the VIDEO. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible footage with your friends and family after you’re done, too!

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