‘Ken M’ – The World’s Greatest Internet Troll Explains His Craft

Have you heard of ‘Ken M’? Perhaps not, but if you’ve read pretty much any internet forum or online comments section, you’ve probably read some of his charmingly innocent idiocy.

‘Ken M’ is the online persona of a man who is known as ‘The Internet’s Greatest Troll’, and after watching the following video, you’ll understand why. Ken M has been turning up to leave his frankly baffling comments and observations on sites for many years, and is so popular that he’s amassed over 150,000 fans on Reddit.

He also has a healthy following on Facebook too. His page currently has over fifty-five thousand followers. Way to go, Ken!


Ken’s the guy who claimed that the brain cells in our heads are actually just recycled cells from dinosaurs. This caused a little confusion, as it was meant to do!


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