Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Makes Over-The-Top Bet While Attending The Cannes Film Festival

When it comes to dudes in Hollywood, there’s no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is the dude in chief. If he’s not busy slaying on the silver screen, then he’s busy slaying in Los Angeles’ club circuit.

It’s no wonder, then, that the crew that he rolls with has received an alliterative nickname, “The P—y Posse”. And, if Leo is the dude in chief of Hollywood and of his crew, then he’s got to assert his dominance.

That’s what makes this news of a bet, which was recently reported by The National Enquirer, so amazing.


While attending the Cannes Film Festival, Leo allegedly made a bet with the members of his crew that would make a grown man blush. Seriously, this is some next level stuff from the Oscar-winning actor.


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