Check Out What Pops Out When He Cuts This Weird Object Open!

Some eggs of sharks are protected by a lightweight, collagen casing that protects the shark fetus as it grows inside.

There are only three species of shark whose eggs form a casing in this way – Bullhead Sharks, Carpet Sharks and Ground Sharks. Other species that protect their young in this way are skates and chimeras. The casing is an excellent way to prevent these species’ young from being predated, making these animals some of the most successful in the sea.

In the following fascinating video, an aquarium owner has got his hands on an egg casing. He’s worked out that it’s time for the creature inside to be hatched, so decides to give it a helping hand.


He has to be careful with the pair of scissors he uses. After all, he doesn’t want to cut what’s inside in half!


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