Nobody’s Heard Of This Abandoned City That’s SIX TIMES The Size Of New York City

Welcome to Naypyidaw. Come on in. There’s plenty of room. And when we say ‘plenty’, boy do we mean PLENTY!

Located 200 miles from the original capital of Rangoon, the new Burmese city of Naypyidaw has everything you’d expect in a city – a shopping mall, a market, a theatre, several museums, a ton of government buildings, a courthouse, large religious buildings, residential areas, etc. There’s just one thing the city is missing – people.

That’s right! When Burma’s military dictatorship decided to move the capital of the country to a brand new purpose-built city hundreds of miles away from the original capital for reasons nobody can understand, they could not persuade the people to move too.


It admittedly makes driving along its four and six-lane highways a breeze. So there’s that.


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