This Prepper Saved His Home Thanks To The Incredible Aqua Dam

What would you do if a huge wave of water threatened to engulf your home and destroy everything you own?

Well, if you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare, you could do what the guy in this video did and get online and order yourself an ‘Aqua Dam’. “What’s an Aqua Dam?” we hear you ask? Well, it’s an incredible bit of kit that comprises a huge inflatable rubber ring that loops around the entirety of your property and can turn back the tide if a flood is heading your way.

The dam in the following video is an impressive 400ft long and can hold back nearly thirty inches of flood water. That may not sound much, but that should be enough to hold back most floodwaters.


This one was designed to hold back up to 24 inches of water. In the end, when the floods came, it held back an impressive 27 inches.


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