Russian Maniac Chops Off Friend’s MANHOOD After Finding Out It Was Bigger Than His Own

What would you do if your friend told you he’d been sleeping with your wife? We imagine you’d be pretty angry with the guy … but would you cut off his family jewels?

Believe it or not, that’s what the guy in this video did and it’s a story that’ll have you crossing your legs and squirming in your chair when you hear it. When a man in Russia found out his friend was sleeping with his wife, he was furious. The other man told him his wife wasn’t satisfied with the size of her husband’s manhood, and so had gone looking elsewhere.

Furious, the cuckolded man demanded to see his friend’s junk to see who had the biggest one. When he found out his friend hadn’t been lying and that he was indeed much more well-endowed, the sh*t really hit the fan.


And by that we mean something really sharp hit the other guy’s gentleman’s gentleman.


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