Seagull Falls Into A Vat Of Curry… Just Wait ‘Til You See What He Looks Like Now!

Everyone loves a good curry, don’t they? Indian food is stupidly tasty, that’s why. Jalfrezi, bhuna, korma, bhajis, naan breads, sag aloo, bombay potates… You name it, we love eating it. But it’s not just humans that dig curry…

That’s right, some animals like Indian food. Especially, as it turns out, gulls. Well, one gull certainly does, anyway. In fact, he loves it so much he was found writhing around a vat of chicken tikka masala.

The hungry gull fell apparently (though we tend to think he jumped in) while scavenging for food outside a factory in Tewkesbury, Wales.


Curried gull. Sounds kinda tasty, doesn’t it?!

Gull We’d order it!

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