You Won’t Believe Where One Devoted Fan Got A Step Brothers Tattoo!

Since its release back in 2008, the comedy movie Step Brothers has acquired quite a cult following.

Fans loved the quirky tale of two forty-year-old man-children who find themselves living under the same roof when their single parents meet and marry one another. Played by John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell, the casting proved to be a masterstroke, as each actor bounced off the other perfectly to create box office comedy gold.

Some people love this movie so much that they’re prepared to go to extreme lengths to show how much they love it. And when we say extreme, boy, do we mean extreme!


We’re talking tattooing the faces of the two stars on your a*s extreme here. Because what better way to show how much you love a movie than by getting a tattoo that hardly anybody, not even yourself most of the time, can see?


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