Watching Mold Grow To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Is Weirdly Thrilling

It’s the biggest TV show on the planet. A cultural phenomenon. Some people might well scoff at its Tolkienesque dragons n’ swords storylines, but there’s no denying that A LOT of people love Game of Thrones.

It’s not just the dragons and swords that people love, though. Sure, it’s got gratuitous nudity and violence… And birthed a billion and one Sean Bean memes, but there’s more to it. One of our favorite things about Game of Thrones? It’s epic, sweeping title sequence…

It’s iconic, isn’t it? Unforgettable too. If you love it even half as much as us, then you’re going to find this weird new and weird science-y mash-up version of it awesome too.

Game of Thrones Mold

It’s all about MOLD! Bear with us…

Game of Thrones Mold

Footage taken by a scientist showing how mold grows and spread has been cut into the titles and it weirdly syncs up pretty darn well.

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